Integrated Language Arts

Our Lady of Sorrows' Integrated Language Arts (ILA) program incorporates a variety of skills and strategies including vocabulary, word study, grammar and usage, mechanics, comprehension and study skills, with a focus on higher-level thinking.

Our program will capture language experiences all children need in order to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally in an integrated curriculum.

Student will experience language arts in a variety of shared learning experiences:

  • Reading
  • Creative Writing
  • Grammar

Literacy is developed when the student can visualize and interpret beyond the content into the meaning purpose of each lesson.

  • Active Listening skills developed
  • Conferencing
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Focused lessons
  • Literature discussion groups
  • Oral presentations
  • Guided Reading
  • Independent Reading
  • Research Papers

Science and Mathematics

  • We teach to the standards and requirements set forth by the State of New Jersey: NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND. Our curriculum emphasizes skills and everyday applications.
  • Students at all grade levels use a variety of mathematical strategies to think critically, logically and analytically.
  • Students integrate science, mathematics and technology into their weekly lessons.

Social Studies

  • Our social studies curriculum is an integrated study of the social sciences and humanities.
  • Students examine the geography, culture, religion, history, government and economic systems of the world.
  • Our curriculum provides multifaceted opportunities that afford the students a better understanding of their interdependent and diversified world.

Enrichment Courses

We offer excellent courses in each of the disciplines shown below. In 2007—2008, Our Lady of Sorrows implemented a World Language course into our curriculum in grades K through 8. Enrichment courses are to prepare our students in essential fields that integrate the arts, computer technology, library/media, music, physical education/health, and world language into the daily core curriculum. These courses are building life-long learning skills for our students.

Our facilities include:

  • Art Room
  • Computer Technology Lab
  • Library/Media Center
  • Music Room - Teacher’s Website
  • Physical Education gym
  • Science Lab

Resource Room Learning

The resource room program is designed to meet the needs of children with individual service plans. Instruction includes the use of

  • manipulatives
  • multi-sensory materials
  • textbooks
  • trade books
  • computer software
  • small group activities

OLS also offers supplemental instruction and speech therapy.

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Our Lady of Sorrows New Jersey Catholic School is accredited by the AdvancED Commission

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